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turbo-charge your resiliency:
how to ease workforce changes

How do you maintain your focus and address talent mobility challenges in a demanding and uncertain environment?

Join best-selling author, performance coach, and comic Harriet Beveridge, and Toby Crane from Randstad RiseSmart, in an engaging on-demand webinar on weathering the difficulties of employee transitions. Based on her TEDx talk, Harriet will share performance raising secrets from the world of stand up comedy.

Register now and learn how to develop powerful confidence-building skills to:

  • Establish a positive rapport during difficult conversations and enable smoother career transitions.
  • Relay new talent mobility ideas and solutions to stakeholders in stressful situations.
  • Manage challenging situations by channeling the same methods performers use to deal with a demanding audience.

Find out how to stay strong and reduce the emotional toll during a workforce transition – and ensure positive outcomes for your entire organisation.

featured speakers


Toby Crane, Randstad RiseSmart Career and Talent Mobility Solutions Director

As part of the Randstad RiseSmart UK team, Toby partners with a range of national and international organisations and leaders; co-creating pragmatic solutions that address talent mobility and transformation needs. Drawing on many years of experience in career and organisational transition, people development and consulting, he is passionate about helping to shape engaging cultures and drive individual and business agility. 


Harriet Beveridge

Harriet is a best-selling author, performance coach, comic and TEDx speaker. 

To learn more about Harriet, click here.

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