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the resilient leader's toolkit

learn how you can prepare to bring your best leadership self to these challenging times

featuring Anna Hemmings, Olympian and Founding Director of Beyond the Barriers

The businesses who thrive through periods of adversity and rapid change are the ones who have resilient leaders who drive them forward. Resilient leaders are more effective under pressure, have the ability to think clearly and make rational decisions in the face of challenge and create opportunities for growth.

Register now for this on-demand webinar, and listen to Anna Hemmings, Olympian and Founding Director of Beyond the Barriers and accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant, as she draws on her experiences in elite sport and business to bring to life the Resilient Leaders Elements model. Anna will reveal a toolkit of the behaviours and strategies that leaders need to deliver outstanding results.

This introduction to the Resilient Leaders Elements model will include:

  • clarity of direction: people know where they are going and why they are going there
  • leadership presence: you have “presence” even when you’re not in the room
  • awareness: confidence grows and everyone, including you, works at their best, resulting in higher productivity and motivation through challenging times
  • resilient decision making: you have the best chance of making good decisions when it really counts

featured speaker


Anna Hemmings,
MBE and Founding Director of Beyond the Barriers 

As an Olympian and former world champion whose journey was characterised by challenge, hard work, setback, adapting to change and also success, Anna knows a thing or two about resilience!

Anna now works locally and globally as a Leadership Coach, training consultant and leadership high performance speaker. Anna has translated her experience as an elite athlete into practical tools and strategies to help leaders deliver world class performance and thrive under pressure. This involves unique methods to build resilience and leadership skills for different challenging environments. Anna’s unique combination of experience in sport combined with 10 years leading a successful training consultancy gives her a broad understanding of the challenges that leaders and teams face and how to overcome them to maximise performance. Anna is an accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant.

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